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There’s nothing more essential to life than water, Aquaverse spring water hydrates you the way nature intended with no extra additives or enhancements, just naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals. All of our products are designed to bring you high quality natural spring water straight from the French Alps, so you can enjoy the distinctive cool, crisp taste of evian anytime, anywhere.


Protect Your Family and Quench thirst Naturally
with Best Water from Natural Mzima Springs

Natural Spring Water

Aquaverse is a company that provides high-quality natural spring water sourced from mysty slopes of Aberdare. Our water is prurified by nature for healthy natural taste hence commitment to sustainability is reflected in their efforts to minimize their environmental impact.

Everyday Bottled Water

Packaged in convenient and eco-friendly containers, making it easy for consumers to enjoy great-tasting water on the go. Their water is carefully sourced from the slopes of Aberdare to the natural mzima springs to ensure that it is safe and healthy for consumption.

Aquaverse Spring Water

Aquaverse is a company that provides a refreshing and bubbly drink. Their water is made from high-quality natural spring water that is carbonated to create a crisp, nature tasting feel and effervescent beverage.

Glass Bottle Range

Their glass bottle range is carefully crafted to preserve the natural taste and mineral composition of their high-quality water. Glass bottles are a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging option that can be reused and recycled.

Designer Bottles

Their designer bottle range is carefully crafted to combine the natural purity and taste of their water with stylish and modern design elements. These designer bottles are ideal for special events, high-end restaurants, and other occasions.